Brian Consoli

Raging growth bison wrangler



Strategic and analytical senior business executive and founder with a proven track record of business development leadership across the manufacturing and industrial industries. Comprehensive experience as C-level business executive overseeing organizational growth, partnership development, sales & marketing, and new channel distribution at high-growth companies. 

Skilled in opportunity identification, value creation, strategic planning, risk mitigation, vendor selection and procurement. Effective in the recruitment, training and supervision of high-performance, cross-functional teams to meet strategic business and financial goals. Reputation for strong analytical skills, conceptual problem solving, collaborative leadership and oral & written communication skills.



Why I Fight

This short bit of prose is an attempt to tell you WHY I’ve done good and bad things with my hands. Growing up Brian was

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OTHERING can be an addiction.  It’s easy to hate.  Being passionately engaged in partisan politics doesn’t make a person brave. It’s a sorry existence to

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The Power of Words

Today I was talking with my seven year old daughter. She mentioned to me that her four year old little sister would be attending her

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My Story

I grew up a young man that didn’t fit in. I was born socially awkward but with analytical capability above par. My life was normal

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